Dering in the community!

One of our instructional developers, Lynn Kulbacki, also runs The Wells Farm in Harrisburg. The Wells farm is a community resource that has been planting and harvesting vegetables, nuts, fruits, and flowers since 1949. Lynn, a former teacher before Dering, will go into classrooms to teach children about farming and beekeeping. 

Check out these photos from a recent classroom teaching Lynn did on the importance of bees and beekeeping. By teaching children and the local community, The Wells Farm is striving to achieve their mission of providing food and agricultural knowledge to the surrounding community.  

Employee Spotlight

Join us in welcoming Chad Ruegsegger to the Dering Consulting Group team. Chad has been a longtime friend and client of Dering. Paul Young and the rest of Dering’s leadership team are thrilled to have him join our team while expanding our capabilities and driving even better results for our clients. 

Chad Ruegsegger has a long and successful career in organizational change management, learning program management, training, and critical business initiatives that have generated real, tangible value for a variety of organizations. He designed and supported the development of innovative solutions to organizational challenges which has enabled companies to optimize their potential.  

Most recently, Chad was Senior Manager, Learning & Development for Supply Chain at Boston Beer company where he established a common way of working to address ongoing learning needs, developments, assessments, and evaluations of programs to alignment with the company’s people development strategy.


Check out this clip introducing the importance of communication and the three main forms (words, non-verbal, and tone) in which messages can be displayed. Based on a study of the various elements of a message, misperceptions can often occur. Which of the three elements do you feel has the greatest impact?

Leadership Training Programs

Check out this article addressing how typical leadership training programs fall short, and how they are prevalent in most corporate structures. Traditional leadership training courses often neglect to consider the importance of incorporating relationship building skills such as empathy and emotional intelligence.  

Progress is seen when a more tailored approach to leadership development is incorporated. Through the application of one’s individual strengths and skills, leaders empower and engage their employees. This fosters a positive culture that leads to improved performance.

Dering has worked to emphasize the value behind our customized leadership development approaches that focus on the development of the individual in a collaborative and strength-oriented approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all program.

Leadership Development

In this article, the author discusses the importance of focusing on the whole person for successful leadership development programs. They emphasize the need for organizations to support their leaders’ personal and professional growth, rather than simply equipping them with technical skills. They provide a five-point framework of the key components that the programs should include if they are to effectively develop the future leaders in their organization. 

Beyond the five-point framework discussed in the article, Dering has found success in imbedding coaching into leadership development programs. Our coaching process involves helping individuals gain insight into their life, develop strategies to reach their goals, and support them in developing the personal attributes and skill sets necessary to be successful. Dering Consulting Group’s coaching philosophy of whole person growth and development is based on the idea that in order to truly make changes in a person’s life, all aspects of the person must be considered.

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