Dering in Action

One of our unique skillsets at Dering Consulting Group, Inc. is our ability to design and facilitate public outreach campaigns. Our clients leverage this skillset when they are considering innovative changes.

Paul Caulfield recently led a series of statewide outreach events titled Regional Listening Sessions for the PennDOT’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). Each session was hosted by a regional airport and provided an opportunity for airport stakeholders to lend their insights on ways to strengthen aviation for the commonwealth’s residents, businesses and communities. The sessions covered a variety of topics, including economic and workforce development, air services, emerging technologies and public policy. The results of the sessions (eight in all) will inform the TAC’s findings and final recommendations to be submitted to the State Transportation Commission.  

Employee Spotlight

Creating local partnerships and supporting community focused causes are extremely important at Dering. So please join us in celebrating the amazing impact Lynn Tonini, M.Ed., CPTD Tonini has on the community at large on top of her hard work at Dering.   

Lynn started the non-profit, Aging Out Institute, to promote resources and strategies that help individuals and organizations support youth aging out of foster care. This cause is important to Lynn, for she, too, was in and aged out of foster care during her youth. As Aging Out Institute continues to grow under Lynn’s inspiring leadership, they have now reached and connected with over 600 organizations throughout and outside of the United States dedicated to helping youth transitioning out of foster care and into adulthood successfully.   

In addition to her work as a Dering Consultant, Lynn is currently working to build an AOI online learning community that will allow for professionals who work with these youth to have an online platform to ask questions, gain support, share resources, and learn from others’ experiences.  

When asked her favorite aspect of AOI’s mission, she said it is the ability to “help break down geographic barriers and bring organizations together so that better outcomes can be achieved.” 

Decision Making

How much team member involvement is needed when making decisions? After seeing the types of decision making, let us know which situations you feel it would be more advantageous to use a collaborative approach!  

In order to effectively make a decision it is imperative to understand that leaders and team members each play a key role in decision making. However, not each decision has equal amounts of involvement from leaders and team members.

The video above gives a preview into the the decision making continuum we use to help individuals properly establish their levels of involvement in a decision based on their role and the decision at hand. If you find yourself struggling to optimize decision making from your position, watch start your path towards a better decision making model.

Sustainability in the Workplace

We asked our LinkedIn audience which sustainable training practice is the most important for a company to utilize when encouraging sustainable development.

Thank you to everyone that answered our poll regarding important sustainable practices within a company. At Dering it is important that we continue to make environmentally conscious efforts while maintaining the authenticity of the Dering mission.  

In response to many expressing the importance of digital resources, Dering takes pride in successfully converting all training resources to be digital and easily accessible at anytime from anywhere. One example of our approach to digitizing resources is the Dering On-Demand platform. This online leadership development resource offers 24/7 access to Dering’s entire leadership curriculum library and acts as a virtual participant workbook. 

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