e-learningThe virtual workplace is becoming more prevalent due to trends in society and the workplace. Technology is enabling this shift; but the fundamental needs of the adult learner are not changing. Your employees have a desire to explore concepts, rather than be taught them. They want access to expertise; and they want to share experiences during learning.
Powered by Zoom®, Dering’s Virtual Classroom provides adult learners with a personal and engaging learning experience from a distance.
Dering’s virtual classroom content library includes Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, Business Writing, DiSC® (Dering is an authorized DiSC® partner) and other topics. We can also produce/facilitate virtual sessions with your content, as well. We customize our content to fit each client’s unique needs. Dering’s experienced facilitators will host each session alongside a co-host. The co-host (or producer) is charged with tracking and increasing learner engagement while also providing learner technical support. This allows the facilitator to focus on sharing concepts, debriefing breakout group activities, and eliciting learners’ application of concepts.
Benefits. . .

• Virtual Classroom Desk Reference Card for your employees
• Learners actively engage with the host and/or other learners every 4-8 minutes
• Virtual breakout rooms for small-group discussion and activities
• Online post-session evaluation report
• Access to session recordings (MP4) after each session

If you’re interested in learning more about Dering’s Virtual Classroom and how your organization might utilize this service, please contact us.

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