Dering in Action

Check this out! Paul Young recently participated in a video shoot with United Disability Services, Non-Profit Management Solutions team to discuss how Dering’s leadership development and consulting expertise supports the NPMS mission of helping other non-profits reach their potential.

Employee Spotlight

Abbey Krepps is an Instructional Developer who has been with Dering Consulting Group for 10 years. She has been a valuable contributor to the business, bringing both dedication and enthusiasm to her projects. Her workday offers a blend of both flexibility and organization; she focuses on her tasks at hand, while leaving space to lend support to colleagues when needed. Abbey embodies the company’s values and always looks forward to her next challenge. 

Abbey is most enthusiastic when working on creative projects and devising new ways to facilitate learning. The training needs analysis project she worked on with the PA Office of Comptroller Operations was one of the most impactful projects Abbey collaborated on. This project was integral in developing Dering’s competency model strategy and has carried forward to many other projects. 

Abbey is extremely appreciative of the supportive nature of her colleagues at Dering. She believes that collaboration and career growth are taken seriously within the organization, evident by the strong encouragement to pursue her Associate Professional in Talent Development Certification, which she has recently completed. Abbey feels fortunate to be a part of such a tight-knit team that always encourages each other with creative projects and meaningful interactions.

Performance Management

Is your organization optimizing performance data? If performance management and the creation and use of corporate performance data seems unfamiliar, Dering Consulting Group, Inc. can help to jumpstart your company towards a more strategic and informed future.

A hallmark of Dering’s process is the creation of a performance dashboard using an organization wide competency model. By purposefully and strategically identifying the critical competencies for success within the organization, leaders can have access to a data set for strategic decisions.

Five Behaviors Methodology

Are you a part of a cohesive team? Does it deliver results?

In working with some clients, the team dynamic can surface to be a roadblock to success. In these situations, the Dering team often turns to Patrick Lencioni’s “Five Behaviors®” methodology using the Wiley Brand solution. In action the team responds to an assessment on items related to Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Then, in a series of facilitated workshops we unpack the results of the assessment, identify what more specifically might be holding the team back, and develop strategies to close the gap in cohesion.

Over the last 7 years we have seen the positive results of a Five Behaviors® engagement with our clients. One team we worked with using the “Five Behaviors®” identified a “cycle of distrust” (sticky notes pictured here) happening among the team members. Once uncovered in the first session, we then focused our workshops on strategies to break the cycle and maintain high levels of trust. A great experience for all!

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