Dering Community

Dering hosted an employee get together this past month. Employees were able to engage in fun conversation with colleagues while in the comfort of Dering’s backyard.

We loved bringing everyone together on the beautiful September evening. With some employees still working from home and on various projects, this event was a nice way to bring everyone together for some good laughs.

Employee Spotlight

K.C. Yi-Taylor is the longest standing Dering employee today. KC has been with Dering since 1994. As a valuable instructional developer, K.C. designs and develops instructor-led training, e-learning courses, and organizational evaluations and assessments.  

She has coordinated the development of a wide variety of courses and programs for financial service institutions, pharmaceutical companies, state and federal public agencies, assisted living and retirement community networks, automotive dealerships, engineering firms, manufacturing companies, and more.

KC reflected on her time and how Dering’s approach within the industry has evolved in her 28 years. With the evolution of technology continuing, the largest change that KC has seen is in how training is provided—a shift from developing completely in-person sessions to now including an e-learning and/or virtual component in most learning programs we develop and a shift to developing shorter, more manageable learning chunks (micro-learning). When asked what her favorite project to work on has been, KC explained that she loves working with clients that value creative collaboration.  

In addition to loving the work she does collaborating with clients, KC has expressed the importance of value alignment with that of Dering’s. KC stated, “Family and work-life balance have always been very important to me, and Dering understands and values the same thing. Dering has always been flexible and willing to accommodate me through different stages of my life, allowing me to work as much or as little as I need to.”

Impact of Coaching

Coaching services look different for everyone, so it is important that coaching be specialized to reflect an individual’s goals and needs. At Dering, a coach serves as a trusted partner to help individuals gain clarity and act confidently. 

Coaches Steve Riccio, Ed.D., SPHR, PCC and Yvonne Aguayo, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC have experienced clients’ initial impacts to be immediate after merely having the designated reflective coaching space and time. Those who have previously utilized coaching sessions often experience a more proactive view on life with set goals and tasks for the future. Whereas those who may not have been coached are more likely to fall into a reactive “survival mode” to merely complete the task at hand.   

Dering’s coaches work with clients initially to identify specific goals for the engagement while working to remove obstacles that can hinder success. Through the process, our coaches will listen empathically, ask thought-provoking questions, and serve as accountability partners. 

In addition to the coaching sessions, clients can access our coaches between sessions as needed while having access to a wealth of valuable resources. 

Check out our website to explore our coaching options! 

Engagement Matrix

What is the engagement matrix and why is it important to understand? Engagement is a scale dependent on one’s belief and behavior within an organizational structure, do you find building belief or behavior to be more challenging?  Let us know what methods you use to increase employee engagement!

In order to effectively increase engagement it is imperative to understand that engagement takes many forms. However, not every actively engaged individual has equal amounts of belief and behavior.

The video above gives a preview into the the engagement matrix model we use to help individuals properly establish how engagement can be improved through increased belief and adjusted behavior. If you find yourself struggling to optimize organizational engagement from your position, Dering has many customizable tools for learning and coaching opportunities that enhance employee engagement!

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