Leadership/Executive Coaching

Even great performers have coaches. We capitalize on the objective view a coach can provide on behavior and performance. With significant business and training experience of their own, our coaches help their clients build skills in interpersonal effectiveness and a variety of leadership practices. Typical coaching engagements also include performance and personality style assessments.

Life Coaching

We engage with both individual and small groups to help identify, create, and implement strategies that will provide greater fulfillment in all areas of their life including career, personal and professional relationships, health & wellbeing, and personal development. Through this partnership, clients evaluate their core values and develop their own unique purpose statement that guides them to a life of true meaning.

Free E-Book: Take Aim.

Take Aim. A Focused Approach to Achieving a Meaningful Career

by Steve Riccio

Are you tired of being busy but lack a sense of fulfillment? Do you “get things done” while still feeling you have not made a meaningful contribution? Do you feel your career is stalled but you are not sure what steps to take? 

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you are not alone. Research suggests that less than 1/3 of employees throughout the world are actively engaged in the work they perform. This strong level of disengagement takes a toll not only on our careers but in all areas of our life. 

In this interactive book, you will discover your true purpose aligning your passion and skills with what society needs, identify your core values to make the most effective decisions, and achieve goals using a proven approach used by hundreds of my clients and workshop participants. 

After completing the exercises in Take Aim., you will emerge with greater focus, self-confidence, and excitement. More importantly, you will make meaningful contributions that will directly benefits the lives of those you serve.


Free E-Book: Take Aim.

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Thank you first and foremost for you and your team’s coursework and dedicated time to our Supervisory Leadership Academy 2. It certainly did go fast and was very informative with great concepts and group interactions. I appreciate leaving the platform open so we can access the content. I did make sure to save all of the downloadable documents to my cloud to ensure I have them for future reference.

The SLA 2 really brought some good insight to me as a leader. I think these type of courses and leadership programs are so important. Not only for the information and learning aspect, but for the networking that it brings to organizations, as well as to people like yourself outside of our organization. It serves as a much needed reset and refresher for those of us who are involved in daily operations or leadership roles.

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