Envision the future and set the foundation.

Engage and analyze, but don’t overanalyze.

Set goals to get there.

Align and implement the strategy.

Developing strategy should energize everyone involved. It begins with a vision that’s compelling and instantly understandable. That vision sets the compass point for the rest of the process: exploring opportunities, analyzing the current state, and laying out the steps from here to a better there. It works best if everyone has a role in the process, from giving input through surveys, to participating in a retreat, to serving on a focus group, to helping decide what to do—and what to stop doing. Throughout, openness and communication are critical (with no hidden agendas or secret meetings). Simple. And hard work.

Stakeholder Engagement

stakeholder engagement

We design interactive forums for stakeholders to express their views, participate as partners, and help contribute their own ideas for a better outcome in your strategy. Interactive activities include:
• Town hall meetings
• Stakeholder forums
• Community conversations
• Problem-solving workshops

Facilitation Services

As facilitators, we design interactive sessions to capitalize on everyone’s ideas. Our facilitators serve as architects, moderators, sounding boards, coaches, and guides for people working in groups. Even in training situations, we ensure that all participants have the opportunity to express their views in an open and supportive environment. Our professional facilitators uphold the highest standards of respect and dignity in setting ground rules, modeling open communication, building consensus, and challenging groups toward breakthrough thinking.



The best way to find out what’s on people’s minds is to ask them. Asking the right questions is the foundation of our approach to surveys, whether in determining opportunities, identifying concerns, gauging customer satisfaction, or understanding the climate or culture of an organization. We start by focusing on the intended outcomes and design the survey accordingly. We then make sure that all response data is analyzed with the appropriate statistical approach, presented in easy-to-read charts and graphs, and delivered as useful information for decision-making and action.

Focus Groups

We use focus groups to explore diverse perspectives and gain insight on possible courses of action. Objectivity is essential in these circumstances, as the facilitator must never insert personal opinions or lead participants in a particular direction. Done right, focus groups can provide invaluable data to help shape strategy, tailor programs, and establish an effective communications initiative.

HR Consulting

We partner with organizational leadership to develop a framework to align human resource initiatives with the strategic goals of the organization. Services include performing audits of the overall HR function and reviewing existing processes and systems (e.g., performance evaluations, job analysis, employee relations) to produce greater efficiencies and employee engagement.

Our Solutions


Turning potential into performance.


Charting the course with a clear vision of the future.


Aligning people with a greater purpose.


Thank you first and foremost for you and your team’s coursework and dedicated time to our Supervisory Leadership Academy 2. It certainly did go fast and was very informative with great concepts and group interactions. I appreciate leaving the platform open so we can access the content. I did make sure to save all of the downloadable documents to my cloud to ensure I have them for future reference.

The SLA 2 really brought some good insight to me as a leader. I think these type of courses and leadership programs are so important. Not only for the information and learning aspect, but for the networking that it brings to organizations, as well as to people like yourself outside of our organization. It serves as a much needed reset and refresher for those of us who are involved in daily operations or leadership roles.

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