Many training teams are tasked by executives with identifying the critical training opportunities to take the organization to the next level. This mandate for a training needs assessment might sound like this,

“Identify the skills our people need to enable us to achieve our Vision.”

 Many times, the tactics employed to complete a training needs assessment involve a survey of standard training topics offered by the team or one-on-one meetings with key people to gather their input. While these approaches certainly yield actionable results; they sometimes don’t hit the mark fully. Three key factors might cause this.

  1. Lack of clear alignment with the organizational vision.What are the critical skills needed to achieve the vision?
  2. Lack of balance between quantitative and qualitative feedback on the specific needs.How do we prioritize the skill gaps identified?
  3. Focus on the training assets already available in-house.How open is our training team to identifying he right resources to “fill the gaps?”

At Dering, we have developed a service that eliminates these three risk factors, while providing actionable results for leaders and their training teams. Our competency-based approach walks your organization through four phases and yields a report to guide your training team’s next steps.

Within each phase we have built-in the flexibility to meet several different implementation strategies, which will also help you control the outputs and expense. So, whether you want to “listen” to the thoughts and ideas of just your management team; or you want to a full-spectrum analysis across all employees, the service can meet your need.


The output and results of our process are presented in graphic format that allows you to quickly identify, not only the skill gaps in your organization, but also the relative intensity of those gaps. This allows your organization to quickly prioritize the training needs and then move to planning the strategy for “filling the gaps.”

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