Since 1986, Dering has led the way in guiding clients to develop, engage, and align their people for success.

A group of Dering team members around their conference room table in disucssion.

Our Team

Over the years and as we grew, we have added many experts to our team. Check out who will partner with you on projects and programs.

Partnering with Dering

Looking for a boutique organizational development firm that can complement your expertise? Do you think you might be a great partner with Dering based on what we do best? Please contact us and let us know how we might partner.

The Dering team considers every dimension of impact to develop individuals, teams and organizations, including leadership and talent development, strategic planning and change management, team development, and training and course development, to realize their fullest potential.


To help our partners reach success through strategy and learning.


To be the recognized leader in inspiring the performance of organizations, teams, and individuals.



  • Service – We lead by first serving others—our clients, our community, and one another.
  • Performance – We deliver on our commitments, no matter what.
  • Collaboration – We find innovative solutions through experimentation and the engagement of diverse perspectives.

Dering by the Numbers

  • 18

    # of employees

  • 301

    # of total clients since 2000

  • 37

    # of years in business

  • 1,169

    # of projects worked since 2000

Our History

Since 1986, we’ve focused on living our core values: service, performance, and collaboration. Learn more about our growth story and critical points in our firm’s history.