Strategic Planning & Change Management


Can you describe your organization’s strategy in just a few sentences? If you cannot, you are not alone. According to research from Bridges Business Consultancy, 48% of leaders spend less than one day per month discussing strategy.

A business strategy is foundational to a company’s success. It helps leaders set organizational goals and gives companies a competitive edge. It also determines various business factors, such as mission success and strategic pillars, organizational goals, and organizational objectives and capabilities.

If you lack a strategic plan or your teams need help to connect to and internalize your organization’s strategy, contact us. We can help.

Strategic Planning Framework

Developing strategy should energize everyone involved. It begins with a vision that is compelling and instantly understandable. That vision sets the compass point for the rest of the process: exploring opportunities, analyzing the current state, and laying out the steps to make a better future state. It works best if everyone has a role in the process, from giving input through surveys, participating in a retreat, serving on a focus group, to helping decide impactful action steps—and what to stop doing that has no impact.

Throughout the process, openness and communication are critical. We use a simple, practical framework, coupled with a facilitated approach, making all the hard work much easier.

Employee Engagement & Climate Survey

Do you need to take the pulse of how your employees are connecting to your organization’s strategy and culture? Engagement surveys guide leaders on where to focus their efforts—and the effects of the results can be felt at every level of the organization.

Everyone wins when companies listen to employees, invest in the employee experience, and build a strong workplace culture. These surveys have the potential to create a lasting positive impact when executed with care and sensitivity. To reap all the benefits of employee engagement surveys, we can help you be mindful about how to measure employee feedback, act on survey findings through action planning, and track progress using simple change management principles.

Process Improvement & Organizational Effectiveness

When we think about organizations that have broken processes, we often see that the employees don’t have role clarity, aren’t sure how to perform critical processes and procedures and disengage from all the confusion. Does that sound familiar to you?

Workflow optimization is a vital part of streaming processes and clarifying the roles played in each process step. By streamlining processes—and eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks—an organization can enhance the productivity and efficiency of its employees and help them to love what they do.

Talent Management

Not finding the right fit for the job? Struggling to keep your employees as long as you’d like? Do your employees tell you that they lack opportunities to develop?

At its core, talent management means investing in your organization’s most important resource—your people. We help organizations establish a holistic talent management strategy and framework that allows leaders to recruit candidates with highly desirable skill sets, provide ongoing learning and development opportunities, and reward valued team members, encouraging them to advance within the organization.

Stakeholder Engagement

We design interactive forums for stakeholders to express their views, participate as partners, and help contribute their own ideas for a better outcome in your strategy. Interactive activities include:

  • Town hall meetings
  • Stakeholder forums
  • Community conversations
  • Problem-solving workshops
  • Project Kick-offs and team formation

Facilitation Services

As facilitators, we design interactive sessions to capitalize on everyone’s ideas. Our facilitators serve as architects, moderators, sounding boards, coaches, and guides for people working in groups. Even in training situations, we ensure that all participants have the opportunity to express their views in an open and supportive environment. Our professional facilitators uphold the highest standards of respect and dignity in setting ground rules, modeling open communication, building consensus, and challenging groups toward breakthrough thinking.

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“Steve is very charismatic and personable, and I was glad to have him on board as a leader for our annual strategic planning session for my nonprofit organization.”

– Heidi J. Kunka, Director, Central Pennsylvania Region, U.S. Green Building Council