Dering Founded October ‘86 by Nancy Dering

Founded by Nancy Dering in October 1986, Dering started with minimal resources – a table, telephone, Rolodex, and a typewriter. Nancy, a founding member of Leadership Harrisburg, had the vision to cultivate a team driven by creativity and commitment. Dering started at Nancy’s River Plaza’s penthouse, later expanding to accommodate growth. Despite uncertainties, Dering, certified as a woman-owned business, strategically diversified clients to showcase the team’s abilities. From the early struggles to the present success, Dering stands as a testament to resilience and the power of a united and talented team. 

September 1995 moved to 2814 Green Street, Harrisburg

In September 1995, Dering moved to 2814 Green Street, Harrisburg, marking a phase of significant growth. Driven by the need for space, this shift led to a dynamic workplace with a library, conference room, and networked computers. The focus on outcomes over effort fueled expansion, enabling us to grow from three to a cohesive team of eight individuals. Led by Nancy, our commitment extended beyond professional success, promoting a balance between work, family, and community involvement. The Green Street location not only transformed our physical location but also cultivated a close-knit team culture, laying the foundation for our continued success. 

February 2007 moved to 2157 Market Street, Camp Hill

In February 2007, Dering strategically relocated to 2157 Market Street, Camp Hill, outgrowing its Green St location. This location creates a dynamic space for team collaboration and client engagement. The Camp Hill location allows for easy accessibility for clients, ultimately reflecting Dering’s commitment to optimize client and employee connection and collaboration. With an expanded team with diverse skills and a focus on attracting exceptional individuals, Dering emphasizes a hybrid leadership development approach. This move is not just a change of address; it signifies Dering’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections and driving business growth through rewarding collaborations with clients.