Meet the team at Dering, supporting organizations since 1986 by guiding clients to develop, engage, and align their people for success.

The Dering team is involved in various aspects of organizational development, encompassing training and course development, strategic planning, team building, change management, and performance coaching. Get acquainted with our knowledgeable professionals, each bringing a wealth of diverse backgrounds and interests. Discover how their expertise can be harnessed to propel your organization forward.

Meet Our Professionals

Paul Young


Paul Caulfield

Vice President

Brian Keefer

VP of Operations

Erika Wollenhaupt

Administrative Services Manager

Carol Harris

Senior Consultant

Joanne Gallo

Administrative Assistant

K.C. Yi-Taylor

Instructional Developer

Lynn M. Kulbacki

Instructional Developer

Hear From Our Clients

“I have attended many educational seminars and training sessions, but this subject, as presented by Paul Caulfield, is the absolute best ever… Kudos to Paul!”

– Training Class Participant

Brandon Dameshek

Instructional Developer

Abbey Krepps

Instructional Developer

Ellen E. Hoffmeister

Research and Communications

Lynn Tonini


Steve Riccio

Senior Consultant

Yvonne Aguayo


Chad Ruegsegger

Senior Consultant

Sydney MacKeigan

Marketing Associate

Bobby Sheaffer


Aaron Caulfield