Process Improvement & Organizational Effectiveness

Do you notice that your teams approach tasks and processes in a variety of ways, resulting in inconsistent outcomes? Do you need to create more role clarity and provide training to increase the quality and efficiency of your business workflows? Looking to improve employee productivity and engagement?

We focus on the people side of process improvement by:

  • Analyzing the challenges that your team faces.
  • Facilitating discussions around ways to improve.
  • Streamlining and/or simplifying the way they complete their work.
  • Developing process documentation and training to ensure they are engaged and building the skills needed to improve your operational outcomes and results.

Process End-to-End Workflow Analysis

 End-to-end processes, value chains, and cross-functional processes are all common names that organizations use for the same concept: connecting process steps across functions and departments that are focused on the same end goal, typically customer value. We can assist you in analyzing your workflows end-to-end, breaking functional silos, creating a greater focus on the customer, managing your portfolio more holistically, and finding digital methods to enable the work.

Technical Documentation

Good work instructions go beyond just documenting a process. We offer the guidance needed to enhance your documentation processes, and in doing so, enable employees to learn new skills and perform their jobs better, reducing the cost of labor by saving time.

Technical Training Design and Development

Often, leaders task a small group to uncover best practices, then document the processes and procedures required to gain efficiencies. But what about the rest of the team? We can design and development training programs that bring it all together and educate employees on both the enhanced processes and procedures. In fact, we can also support leaders in developing a communication and change management strategy.

Our Work

Hear From Our Clients

“The first words that come to mind about Steve’s coaching are “courageous,” and “uplifting person.” I had the pleasure to work with Steve as my coach for a few months and it truly helped me moving forward in my career as well as my business plans. He really empowered me to take action and remove blocks that were holding me back from achieving the success I wanted.”

– Delia Ioana, Pricing Coordinator at CeertainTeed