Talent Management

Interview Training and Best Practices

Do your team leaders struggle with identifying prospective talent that fits your organization as it continues to evolve? We train team leaders on best practices when interviewing candidates, based on critical competencies and future capabilities needs. We also practice behavioral interviewing techniques with them in a safe space to build their confidence when conducting actual interviews.

Employee Onboarding and Engagement

Do you find that new team members struggle to connect with your organization’s culture and language? Has turnover become a costly challenge? We build intentional, right-paced onboarding programs that drive that critical connection between a new employee, their manager, and the organization as a whole, so they can love what they do and stay engaged long-term.

Performance Management and Reviews

How well does your team know what is expected of them and how they are achieving their goals? Leaders sometimes struggle to give timely, direct, and intentional feedback to their team members, holding them back from thriving and reaching their goals.

We design performance management processes and manager-to-employee reviews that help leaders to:

  • Define goals with measurable success indicators.
  • Monitor progress toward achieving those goals.
  • Share timely feedback with employees.
  • Discuss development opportunities and career aspirations.
  • Reward and recognize performance.

Leadership Development

Career Planning and Frameworks

Do you need help determining how to grow your team, such as broadening them through lateral moves or deepening their expertise through a promotion? Using a career framework can help you with career planning conversations. A career framework is the roadmap for employee progression that outlines the competencies, skills, behaviors, and proficiency requirements to gain experience at each job level.

Succession Planning & Talent Reviews

Do you have several retirements on the horizon, yet are unsure who will be your future leaders? Or maybe you have a single employee with deep expertise with a legacy system, process, or area and need to ensure that others can assume these responsibilities? We can design a talent review system that supports conversations about your employees’ career interests, projects, or experiences, open positions that might interest them, and how long it may take to foster them for that next role. These conversations also help your organization identify your bench strength and where you might have some weaknesses in your succession plan.

Our Work

Hear From Our Clients

“My team has also really enjoyed working with him as his true passion for this work comes through in his enthusiastic and positive interactions with all of us. I look forward to our continued collaborations.”

– Samantha Brandauer, Executive Director for the Center for Global Study and Engagement, Dickinson College