Today’s Workplace

I am sure the last year has presented very real challenges in providing developmental opportunities to your organization’s valued employees. From employees working at home, to focusing more heavily on the virtual delivery of services and processes; your employees may be feeling a sense of “disconnectedness” from your mission. And these operational and cultural shifts most likely impact your managers and supervisors more than any other group. So, supporting your leaders in developing and refining their skills is more critical now, than ever before. Why? Because as your organization’s culture shifts into a new normal, your leaders will be the key component in shaping this future. At Dering, we have clearly heard you, our valued clients, about the challenges of leading in this new normal. We have responded with Leadership OnDemand.

Our Innovative Solution Meets a Variety of Organization Needs

Training Continuum

Dering OnDemand is a blended learning approach that integrates :

  • An online learning engagement platform (not an LMS)
  • Our proven leadership content/exercises
  • Our highly engaging leadership consultants

Leadership development has traditionally been accomplished using e-Learning tools and classroom programs. Leadership OnDemand now allows organizations to craft a blended learning approach that meets their needs. By combining micro-learning, social learning, and our extensive leadership experiences into a new approach, organizations can more easily provide leadership development aligned with the new normal. Check out the video below for a quick tour of the OnDemand learning experience.

Leadership OnDemand and Your Leadership Program

This unique leadership development experience enables you to create a community of learning, even while being physically distanced. It also allows your organization to choose the competencies you would like your leaders to focus on, whether they are entry level supervisors or experienced managers. Finally, this OnDemand development approach “flips the traditional classroom learning experience” by placing guided accountability for completing exercises and activities into the hands of the participants.

A typical Dering OnDemand leadership program follows a learning cadence that includes learner completion of online content/activities on a given topic area followed by a facilitated live application session. And this cadence would continue through all leadership competencies selected for your unique program. In the live application session, our leadership consultants challenge learners to apply concepts and consider the workplace challenges of implementing.

“Thank you first and foremost for you and your team’s coursework and dedicated time to our Supervisory Leadership Academy 2. It certainly did go fast and was very informative with great concepts and group interactions. I appreciate leaving the platform open so we can access the content. I did make sure to save all of the downloadable documents to my cloud to ensure I have them for future reference.”

2020, PA Turnpike Commission, Supervisory Leadership Academy – Level 2 participant

If you should have any questions about Leadership-OnDemand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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