Your people are your greatest asset. But let’s face it, they can also be your greatest risk. Organizations have a strong workplace culture and succeed when people:

  • understand their role in achieving the mission.
  • possess the skill and competency to perform well in their role.
  • have trusting workplace relationships with their team members.

Competency Modeling

So many times, performance management systems within an organization do not align with the actual expectations from the mission and vision of leadership. This lack of alignment lowers workplace culture health. Aligning organization strategy with the work of people requires the discipline and data to allow organizations to measure its effectiveness. With an aligned competency model the organization can:

  • create a clear and strategically aligned Performance Management process.
  • target training and development budgets to the specific training needs of teams and individuals.
  • create a Talent-acquisition process aligned to the vision.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

As a licensed provider, Dering facilitates the relationship-building experience to help teams discover what it means to be truly cohesive and more effective. Initially, participants provide team feedback using a three-part online assessment. Then, our experienced facilitator helps the team explore how they score on key components of each of the five behaviors: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. To assist team members become more cohesive, the program is also powered by the Everything DiSC personality model, which helps individuals understand themselves, and others, better. Finally, team members develop a team charter for improved performance.
The resul is a better, stronger team and a healthier workplace culture.

Everything DiSC Workplace

As a licensed provider, the Everything DiSC Workplace® online assessment and workshops help team members learn about their own workplace style and the overall personality of the entire team. Each participant is provided a personalized report containing valuable insights into the priorities that drive their behavior and what might be challenging their interactions with others. Through the dynamic workshop, participants apply and practice actionable strategies to strengthen their interpersonal interactions at all levels in the workplace. This, in turn, improves the workplace culture.
As a licensed provider, Dering can customize DISC team-building sessions to best fit your requirements..

Team Building Experiences

We design hands-on exercises and activities to challenge new and existing teams to help them establish a strong foundation built on trust and transparency, while learning profound lessons about themselves along the way. Each activity is directed toward key ingredients of workplace success, such as communication, leadership, collaboration, feedback, analysis, listening, and coaching and ultimately leads to action based on accountability to one another. Building on the excitement and sense of accomplishment gained in the team activities, our focus is always on learning that leads to better performance and greater job satisfaction. With those practical paybacks, it’s nice to know the learning experience is great fun as well.

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