Competency and Capability Modeling

A group of Dering team members around their conference room table in disucssion.

At Dering, we think of competency model development as “unlocking the potential in your organization.” In practice, the model creates a clear connection for staff members between the strategy of the organization and their specific roles. Additionally, our competency modeling process provides data to support your organizations talent management decisions and align critical people-related activities including, hiring, onboarding, workforce development and performance management.

Our competency and capability modeling services, can assist your organization with:

  • Quantitatively identifying the core capabilities that align with living the strategic values.
  • Performing a gap analysis on the core capabilities.
  • Revising the performance management process to provide capability data to executives.
  • Aligning training and development budgets with the specific training needs of teams and individuals.
  • Aligning your talent acquisition process with core skills.
A diagram of a sample competency approach model


Tactically, Dering’s competency-based approach leads your organization through a four stage process to develop the competency model and then analyze your organization. The data collected through our process yields valuable people-related insights from which to base your organizational decisions.

Tools for Implementation

Two tools we develop during competency modeling projects are competency dashboards and competency guides. A competency dashboard is an Excel-
based analytical tool that converts all the data gathered in our process
into actionable insights. In practice, a competency guide is a “user manual” for the
competency model. It prioritizes competencies within the organization, identifies the core capabilities for each competency, and becomes a road map to success for your people.