Dering OnDemand Training

Training: When, Where and How You Want

Returning Learners:

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Dering OnDemand is a “learning experience platform” that enables Dering to provide a wider variety of approaches to meet your training needs. while also giving your learners more flexibility than ever to sharpen their skills.

In the OnDemand platform, learners interact with Dering’s curriculum using videos, discussion threads, poll questions, and other online activities while also being part of a unique learning community that enables peer-to-peer interaction.

OnDemand Options

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OnDemand also enables you to determine the amount of support your people receive from our consultants as they move through their learning. All of the available topics can be supported by our consultants in one of three ways.

  1. Online asynchronous support – OnDemand
  2. Virtual, live-session content debriefs – OnDemand PLUS
  3. In-person, live-session content debriefs – OnDemand TEAMS

OnDemand Courses

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24/7, Online Access
6-month Subscription to
Content and Activities
Online Learning
Dering Curriculum /
Content / Videos
Skills Application
Activities and Exercises
Asynchronous, Instructor
Live, Virtual
Instructor-led Sessions
Content Customization
Organization Branding
Learning Community
Learner Progress Reporting
Competency Analysis
Option Available*
On-on-One Professional
Coaching Available*
* Additional fees apply

OnDemand Topics

Talent Management 

Managing Change 

Creative Problem Solving 

Customer Focus 

Engagement and Accountability 

Organizational Awareness and Strategic Thinking 

Performance Management and Feedback Managing Performance 

Providing Feedback

Resolving Conflict 


Coaching for Success 

Decision Making 

Managing Up 

Communicating with Confidence 

Listening and Engaging

Building and Maintaining Trust 

Workplace Ethics 

People Skills and Workplace Personalities 


Transitioning to Leadership Defined 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)