e-Learning Samples

A group of Dering team members around their conference room table in disucssion.

e-Learning provides our partners with the opportunity to deliver consistent training, development, and communications to a wide audience across a distance. When embedded in a learning management system (LMS), our courses will also allow you to track learner engagement. This asynchronous training method is a cost-effective method for delivering training to large numbers of employees.

Each sample was designed and developed using a variety of authoring tools, while leveraging our collaborative process (which includes analysis, storyboarding, development, and deployment).

Make the Transition to Supervision

This sample was produced using Articulate Studio and reviews a general leadership topic. Click the launch button to view the snippet.

Attend a Conference

This sample demonstrates our ability to produce content tailored to your initiatives. The graphic approach shows our ability to provide enhanced visual context to the message or learning. Click the launch button to view the snippet.

Set SMART Goals for Your Future

This learning sample was produced using Vyond and published as an mp4 for use on a corporate intranet site. Click the launch button to view the snippet.