Leadership Core Curriculum & Competency Model

Leadership Development

Looking to enhance the leadership culture of your organization? We design and deliver leadership development programs that help organizations build a stronger leadership culture while upgrading the capabilities of target groups, such as senior managers, emerging leaders, or new supervisors. These programs engage learners over multiple sessions, during which they may complete inter-session assignments, develop a group project, receive one-on-one professional coaching, and apply new learning on the job.

We deliver these programs in a variety of ways, based on the organization’s needs, including:

  • Individual, self-paced pre-session content review in Dering OnDemand.
  • Facilitated, live, virtual group sessions to deepen understanding of the content.
  • Facilitated, in-person workshops to apply and discuss content.
  • Team sessions to work on a group project.
  • Final project presentation and academy graduation.

Competency and Capability Modeling

Organizations that have a strong workplace culture succeed when people understand their role in achieving the mission and possess the skills to perform well in their roles. Aligning organization strategy with the work of people requires discipline and data.

Leadership Assessments

We administer popular leadership assessment tools to help your team self reflect and better understand their workplace profile and leadership style.

Everything DiSC Workplace

As a licensed provider, the Everything DiSC Workplace® online assessment and workshops help team members learn about their own workplace style and the overall personality of the entire team. Each participant is provided a personalized report containing valuable insights into the priorities that drive their behavior and what might be challenging their interactions with others. Through the dynamic workshop, participants apply and practice actionable strategies to strengthen their interpersonal interactions at all levels in the workplace. This, in turn, improves the workplace culture. As a licensed provider, Dering can customize DISC team-building sessions to best fit your requirements.

Leadership 360 Assessment

The 360 assessment is a powerful feedback tool that captures insights from a team leader’s manager, peers, subordinates and the team leader as well. Using the feedback, team leaders can compare their own perception of themself against how others perceive them to create a development plan. When coupled with leadership coaching, team leaders often deepen their own understanding of their leadership style and uncover behavioral trends that they previously overlooked.

DEI & Belonging

Dering recognizes that organizations need help educating their teams on diversity, equity and inclusion. To set the educational foundation for the work that will lie ahead, we have created several courses, including:

  • Inclusive Leadership Foundations
  • Inclusive Leadership for People Leaders
  • Inclusive Leadership for Individual Contributors
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Connecting Across Differences
  • Psychological Safety

Inclusive Leadership

We also facilitate in person sessions focusing on how to lead with an inclusive mindset. Leaders often get so busy accomplishing the work within tight deadlines that they may lose sight of those around them. By maximizing the diversity of their team through listening to all voices, leaders experience more innovation and better financial outcomes. Just read this whitepaper from BCG on How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation.

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